Answered By: Rachael Naismith
Last Updated: Aug 15, 2019     Views: 56

Where can I find articles on qualitative research?

The way you limit your search to qualitative research depends on what database you are using and what topic you are researching. Each database is a little bit different. Some, such as CINAHL (allied health) and PsycINFO (psychology) actually allow you to limit by methodology.

Let us look at the database PsycINFO as an example:

Type in your search terms in the search boxes. Below the three search boxes, you will see a number of available limits, one of which is Methodology. Among the choices, you will find Qualitative Study. You can apply this limit and run your search. Keep in mind that this limits the search to articles that have been tagged as qualitative studies, so it might cut out some articles you would find useful.

In databases, where there is no option to limit by methodology, you can usually get good results by putting your topic in one search box and add the word qualitative as a keyword or the name of a type of qualitative research (ex: narrative), in one of the search boxes.

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