Answered By: John Brady
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For help with creating subtopics, we suggest using the Topic Development portion of our Research Guide.

Additionally, one of the best way to determine subtopics of your research is to brainstorm.

Brainstorming is when you write down anything that comes to mind when you're thinking about your subject. For example, the topic of "domestic violence" is very broad and finding information could be difficult.

But if you think about different things related to domestic violence - such as "advocacy," "punishments," "self-defense," "protection," and more - and write them down, you might be able to find a good subtopic for your research.

  • An example would be "advocacy against domestic violence".

Once you get some good ideas for subtopics, you can begin researching using one of the Library Services databases.

  • If you're still looking to narrow down your topic, a good way to do so is to find one article that sounds interesting to you and then looking at the Subject Terms listed.
  • By clicking on a subject term, you will find all of the articles in the database related to that topic. It is a good way to come up with other subtopics that you might not have thought of during your brainstorming session.

Finally, if you're still having difficulty narrowing down your research topic, feel free to Ask the Library!

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